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Matching Couple Rings: A SYMBOL With a lot of significance

A wedding is a ceremony rich in traditions and symbols. Some ancient traditions have been lost or changed over time, but others remain strongly rooted to the solemn ceremony of wedding.

One of the most important and emotional moments during weddings is undoubtedly the exchange of wedding rings.

Hand in hand The two spouses vow each other a lifetime love before their family and friends. They signify their vows by giving each other the ring.

What symbolism lies behind these golden rings? What makes this moment so significant?

THE Couple Jewelry Sets

Faith comes from the Latin word "fidem" which translates to "trust". The etymological significance speaks for itself. The wedding ring represents the essence of marriage. When the rings are exchanged, the couple swear to each one another that they will be respectful, loving and respect.

Wedding rings were a symbol for marriage, even in the most ancient civilizations. The ring was used by barbarians, Egyptians and Greeks as symbols of union and faith. In Roman times rings made of iron were used to seal the vows of young couples.

Beginning in the 16th century the wedding ring began to take on the appearance and meaning that we continue to attribute to it to this day. In the 16th century wedding rings were constructed of yellow gold. The metal has always been a symbol of eternity in the Catholic faith.


In accordance with the rules of etiquette, the groom is required to pay for the wedding rings or offer them as a present by witnesses. Then, they are given to the groom's male witness who is charged with transporting them to the venue where the wedding ceremony will take place. It is at this point that the rings are placed on a beautiful ring pillow are entrusted to the page boys and bridesmaids, who will precede the bride on the wedding parade.

Furthermore, according to custom, it is not good luck to wear rings prior to the wedding and then purchase the wedding ring and engagement bands simultaneously.

Left ring finger

Have you ever thought about why the wedding ring must be worn on the left ring finger? There is a very romantic explanation for this custom. According to a popular belief it seems that the so-called "vena amoris" (the vein of love) runs through the left ring finger starting from the finger of the hand and arriving directly at the heart.

In reality, the wedding ring can be worn on the left ring finger everywhere in the world. In some countries in Northern Europe, like Serbia and Poland, the wedding rings are worn on the right. In the past, wedding rings were worn on the thumb in England. Even today, in a lot of Latin American countries, wedding rings are worn on the fingers of the right hands.

Traditions, ancient beliefs and symbols: wedding rings are rings filled with promises anticipations, meanings and expectations. Symbol of pure and sincere love and a living reminder of a promise.


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